Какой улей лучше: особенности выбора и их основные виды

Tuesday August 14th, 2018
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Tuesday August 14th, 2018
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Организация пасеки с нуля: что нужно знать начинающему пчеловоду?

Tuesday August 14th, 2018
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How we are make them?

«Center of New Technology with the manufacture in Tolliatti — has launched successfully yet 2 years ago the manufacture of bee houses and othe accessories and devices for bee farmery. The company feature is that it is a full cycle manufacture: with own workshops and manufacturing base, designing engineers and R&D experts . It gives an ability to design, put in reality and introduce best techonologies for honey farmery. You can know more about the company from this video

Kovcheg mobile bee house — hightech innovation from Russian company Center of New Technologies ». Efficient, mobile, reinforced by metal structure, cassette bee houses for 16, 32 and 48 hives, are equipped with all necessary smart control electronics and other parts and components, what allow to make the bee farmery to be considerably much lower labor costful and much more easy. You can know more about Kovcheg bee houses advantages from this video.

«Center of New Technology» LLC represents its new development — Kovcheg bee houses. This modular development wins the competition with other types of bee housesий, while the company itself has a number of competitive advantages . What kind of? You can know it from the video.

(Ru) Помимо производства павильонов Ковчег, наша компания производит ульи, АПИ-домики, термо-камеры и ИК-сауны. Очередной новинкой нашего производства стала термокамера Ковчег выпущенная в феврале 2021г, по этому поводу нами был организован форум, на котором присутствовали пчеловоды с нескольких регионов. Убедившись лично в качестве нашей продукции некоторые из них сделали заказы на производство павильонов и термокамер Ковчег. Рады видеть всех желающих гостей на нашем производстве, где вы лично сможете убедиться в качестве материалов и надёжности конструкций.



Bee house for 16 hives

Kovcheg bee house for 16 hives will satisfy the needs of starting up farmer and small farms for own and family use .Main advantage —is a compact size, what allows to keep it even at a small private land plot. It can be easily transported at trailer by private car with reasonable load capacity.

Kovcheg bee house for 32 hives

Kovcheg bee house for 32 hives will be a best desicion for mobile honey farm. Mainly, due to its compact size. You can transport 32 hives bee house to the field by a small commercial truck.This module is also specified by comparatively small weight.

Kovcheg bee house

Bestseller. This house is large enough, thus it is mainly used at industrial farms. But private farmers also like to use it as autonomous farm with few labor cost . To transport it you have to use a truck or a trailer with the load capacity over 1,5 tons

We will produce a bee house upon your own order

+7 927 61-111-20 Fill in the form below and we will answer all of your questions

Over 25 years of the succesfull experience in business we have studied the maket and clients demands by 100%. That’s why we offer you not only standard bee houses for 16, 32 and 48 hives, but also the opportunity to work out non-standard bee house upon your individual order. By your own demand we can increase the capacity with the step equivalent to 4 hives. Do not limit your honey farm abilities: reasonable bee houses cost, individual approach to each client, flexible discounts system, big variety of options — all this will let to enjoy your favourite business or hobby with the real profit. To order an undividual project from us, you will surely get a cassette bee house , designed by top level engineers and produced by real professionals at a most precise and modern machinery and equipment at our own manufacture. Apply to us — we know, how to make honey farmery to be productive, profitable, save and easy.

We will produce a bee house upon your own order

Fill in the form below and we will answer all of your questions +7 927 61-111-20

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